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Our Commitment to You

We are committed to the traditional practice of stone milling. We believe this method best preserves the grain's nutrition and flavour. Our grains are purchased directly from local farmers dedicated to sustainable and organic farming. They are selected for their flavour, nutrition and baking properties.

  • Endure With Strength

    Marking 1 year for our mill, we are reflecting on our roots.

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  • Heritage vs Modern

    Why do we enjoy offering heritage and ancient grains?

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  • Stone Milling

    Experience the difference in flavour, texture and nutrition

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  • Whole Grain Einkorn Sourdough

    Einkorn sourdough bread has a beautiful golden colour and rich, earthy flavour. This grain is known for its digestibility - if you have gluten sensitivities we recommend you start here and see if your symptoms clear up

    Einkorn Sourdough Recipe 
  • Rye Crepes with Honeyed Rhubarb

    The earthy flavour of rye pairs perfectly with the bright, tart honeyed rhubarb in this recipe.

    Rye Crepes Recipe 
  • Purple Barley Horchata

    Refreshing, creamy and lightly sweet, this horchata has all the benefits of purple barley including B-vitamins, antioxidants and cholesterol lowering beta-glucans. It's a summer drink you can feel good about.

    Purple Barley Horchata Recipe 

Find us at Granary Road

Our mill is located in the greenhouse at Granary Road Market